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Pet Sitting

A professional pet-sitting service offered in the comfort of your pet's own home!
Eliminate the anxiety and stress that can be brought on by bringing your pet to a kennel! Your pets will eat, sleep and play in their own environment without the restrictions of a kennel.  We also offer extended stay discounts for long term needs.  Combination packages for multiple pet households are also available, as well as medication administration.  Call for daily rates.

 Eliminate Stress
 Having a personal pet sitter eliminates the  stress and anxiety that can be brought on by kenneling your pet. We stick to your daily feeding and walking routines, and will gladly accommodate any additional instructions you might have. Pet sitting not only cares for your pet but also give you the peace of mind knowing that your house will be taken care of as well. We take care of all of the necessary daily household needs such as taking in the mail, putting out the trash, recycling and much more.

Pet Massage
Pet Massage can be extremely beneficial.  Our pets are emotional creatures.  They have thoughts and feelings.  They can experience pain, loneliness, and anxiety.  Massage is a natural process that can help your dog maintain its quality of life.  Massage therapy increases circulation and enhances metabolic efficiency.  It is extremely beneficial for geriatric or arthritic pets with issues relating to hips and spine.  Your pet will be healthier, happier, more willing to accept affection and training.  They are more fulfilled dogs.  Pet massage dramatically influences every physical and emotional aspect of your pet’s life.  Michelle Levy is a licensed LMT and pet care specialist.  She is available by appointment to accommodate your schedule