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 Basic Obedience Training


Pack animals such as dogs need to know their place in the pecking order; whether that place is the Alpha (leader of the pack) or the Omega (bottom of the pack). Confusion and chaos in a household (pack) set in when a pet is not given proper direction and guidance. The pet, therefore, becomes unsure of where its place is in the pecking order. If leadership and dominance are not provided by the human, the canine will, by nature, automatically assume that role. With training, consistency and discipline a pecking order is established. Confusion is eliminated, and the end result is a happy pet and a happy family. We will teach you how to achieve this!

Basic Obedience Training is always done with a training leash. Advanced off-leash training is also available. All dogs respond differently to different types of training.

can assess the situation, and make the right recommendations for your dog. We offer several different methods of training!   Ask us about them!